On your first day of skiing, we will take you to pick up your rental equipment. We use friendly and knowledgeable rental shops who will make sure that your boots fit perfectly and that your ski’s or snowboard is just the right length.

At least one of our instructors will also be there to help you with any questions or queries that you have regarding equipment.

We ensure that the rental shop will give you good quality equipment and that at any time during your stay, you can change any equipment that is uncomfortable.

Depending on the rental shop that we take you to, you will either take your equipment back to your accommodation after each day of skiing or you will leave your equipment safely in their storage over night.

Professional Lessons

Sunshine World have a dedicated team of professional English speaking ski and snowboard instructors. We give tuition at any level from absolute beginner to expert skiers and snowboarders. Each day you will be given at least 1 hour tuition in a suitable group, carefully analysed by our experienced team. Each group will have at least 1 of our instructors, occasionally another team member or academy member will join the group to help out anyone who is struggling on an aspect of the lesson.

During you lesson we will work on skills and technique at the end of the session we will advise you on what you should work on for the rest of the day.

Don’t worry if you need help or have questions later on in the day, our experienced team are easily accessible for any queries.

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