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Sunshine World Restaurant Reviews in Zakopane

Pstrag Gorski

If you fancy a change from the large meat dishes offered at many of Zakopane’s local restaurants then Pstrag Gorski will give you an alternative and lighter option. Located inside this lovely building in the centre of town Pstrag Gorski serve a variety of fish based dishes with trout being the speciality. This restaurant not only offers great food but you get to sit in picturesque surroundings and enjoy the view of the Krupowki and the little stream flowing just outside the restaurant. A lovely local restaurant with a warming atmosphere, a perfect place for fish lovers!

Gazdowo Kuznia

Farmer’s Forge, that’s the English translation of this restaurant’s name. Farmer’s Forge is placed at the very bottom of Krupowki street on your right hand side (if you are going down) in one of the oldest building in the city. Having the oldest soul this restaurant can be proud of its nicely renovated interior, which of course is in traditional Podhale style. It is big but cosy, with separated areas for smokers and non-smokers. Cuisine is based on regional recipes with the speciality of restaurant – whole roasted pig served with wine sauce. This place constitutes a perfect summary of beautiful Krupowki street as well as of your busy sight-seeing day- with its traditional sizeable meals will surely put you back on your feet.

Stek Chalupa

If you find yourself walking down the Krupowki and feeling hungry then Stek Chalupa (The Steak House) is a perfect choice. Once inside you will find friendly staff, a traditional décor and live traditional music playing. You will be served with a LARGE portion of your chosen meats, salad, raviolis and potatoes and will not go hungry! If you want to try a warm hearty highlander meal in Zakopane then Stek Chalupa will not leave you disappointed!


That’s a lively pace! Entering this restaurant you will find yourself at mountaineer style party. It’s a real fest. Music band playing and singing every evening and the waiters always ready to crack jokes at themselves and play tricks with the waitress. Good food, good fun! Owczarnia is placed at the beginning of Galicy Street, which is an arm of Middle Krupowki. Here you can order meat platters for 2/4/6/or 8 people. You won’t believe the size of the plate!

“Czarny Staw”

After passing the doorstep of Czarny Staw restaurant (Black Pond) you will feel yourself as if you entered cave inhabited by one of the Tolkien’s dwarves, the one who definitely has Polish roots and loves to expose his origin by so called “polish hospitability”, serving his guests enormous amounts of food- roasted meat as well as traditional veggie specialities to the accompaniment of his favourite regional disco-folk. As written in the restaurants name, our host lives by the pond so don’t panic when you notice piranhas staring at you and your big plate! If you don’t feel like dining in hobbit’s place then you can still try out his traditional cuisine and take our favourite potato pancakes to go, 1 pancake with sugar cost 1,5 zl which is not even half of the £!


Although it may seem a bit clumsy from outside we highly recommend to pass the entry doors and check out what is inside? Watra is an example of fairy tail effect in our real life- almost same level of surprise as finding magic world after opening old wardrobe doors. First thing that stands in opposition to your initial impression is the fact that Watra is huge and with regional design. It offers famous highlander food, like lamb and mutton dishes: shashliks, loins, sauerkraut; dumplings with all kinds of filling from sweet blueberry to meat and goat cheese filling. There is also great choice of traditional alcoholic beverages: mulled wine, warmed beer with spices, warm drinking honey, honey vodka.


Cristina’s has by far, the best pizza in town. This stylish Italian restaurante is located next to the quare in Zakopane, close to Tratoria Adamo. For a nice glass of Italian wine or a cold beed. Cristina’s is a must go to restaurant in Zakopane. Prices are slightly higher than the majority of restaurants in Zakopane, however this is still much cheaper than you could ever find in the UK.

Tratoria Adamo

Tratoria Adamo is linked to ‘ Pizzaria De Adamo’ in Zakoapne. Tratoria Adamo is located next to the square in Zakopane just off of the high street. Tratoria adamo serves a mix of Polish and Italian quisine. We recommend Tratoria Adamo for their great pasta dishes.

Casa Mia

Casa Mia is a small quaint restaurant located at the top of Krupowki. This is quite possibly the best restaurant in Zakopane – But don’t tell anyone that we told you. It can get busy during the holidays. Casa Mia serve a mix of Italian, Polish and European cuisine with specials that change weekly.


Halka is the restaurant inside 4* Hotel Aries. Here you will find a high standard of food prepared by top chefs. You have a range of Polish specialities as well as dishes from around the World. The design of the restaurant is a modern highlander style. If you feel up to is, there is also the Le Scandale Disco Club under the Hotel.

 Omakase Sushi

Oriental food has a tough time in Zakopane. Most visitors to Zakopane come to try the local cuisine and experience the highlander atomsphere. There have been many attempts at a successful Sushi restaurant that have failed, however Omakase is certainly the best. Great Sushi, great Sake all in a cozy central restaurant.

Jazz Burger

 If you like burgers and your like Jazz, you can’t go wrong here. Jazz burger is on the high street about half way up. Up stairs your have a burger cafe. This is fine if you are in a rush and want a quick eat. However if you venture downstairs you have a stylish jazz Jazz bar that often have live bands. We suggest that you order your burger at the bar downstairs

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