The Awesome and Totally Unique Sunshine World Team and Sunshine Chalet in Zakopane

The Sunshine Chalet has been a true labour of love. We bought the place in 2007 and have put every bit of love, attention and investment into it to create what we are pretty sure is the most awesome ski and snowboard chalet in the whole world. Bar none! We have our own hot tub, cinema with full surround sound and seating on two floors, log fire place, gorgeous rooms and bathrooms and most importantly the most positive, fun filled, enthusiastic and downright ridiculous attitude amongst the people on our Pro Team of professional instructors.

Our dream chalet is a result of true passion for the mountains. We have put all of our time, money and effort into making our Pro Team and Academy Chalet into one of the coolest, most fun, convenient and desirable places to live in Zakopane. Located just 300m from the nearest local convenience store, bar and grocery store. Just 7 minute’s walk to the centre of town- the famous main street, Krupowki, and all the restaurants, bars, shops, nightclubs and entertainment you’d wish for from a top ski resort.

Our living room and entertainment centre complete with TWO Xbox 360s, a further Xbox, Dozens of DVD movies and TV series. You could easily forget that you came here to ski!

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