You can enjoy Snowparks and Freestyle areas in Zakopane with Sunshine World

There are snowparks all over zakopane and each season more are being build, we hope this season there will be a new snowpark on kasprowy Wierch

Zakopane has mainly smaller ski areas that are owned by different people. Snow Parks have been built on many of these areas that are simple and easy to get to.

You can if you wish, go to a slope for just part of a day without the hassle of long gondola and lift rides. Spend 2 or 3 hours practicing then head back for an afternoon in the Jacuzzi.

GUBALOWKA 4B DOWNTOWN Freestyle Snowpark

Gubalowka snowpark was opened in 2007, every year since the park has grown in size. Last season the set-up of the park was:

  • picnic 4M + low down box 6M
  • flat box 3M
  • jumps: big c. 14M flat & small c. 4m flat
  • Street section:
    • box & rail 8M + double kink box 3M down 3M flat 3M down
    • rail 8M down, double kink rail 3M down 3M flat 3M down or kink box 3M flat 3M down

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